The library had another special Family Pajama Storytime on Wednesday, January 4th!   Kids wore their pjs and some brought their stuffed animals to the library to have a sleep over.  They had many adventures while they were away from their people.

They learned about the library such as:

How to check out books






How to shelve books












How to use a Youth computer.  Looks like they are enjoying BookFlix!







And read a book by the fire.







Teddy showed us a hidden talent.







Then it was decided to play Mini Golf!








Hole #1 was a challenge!








Hole #2 everyone got a hole in one!








Hole #7 was a lot of fun too!












But as soon as our backs were turned they had some of their own fun and got into mischief.

















Next was a snack!








And then some castle building in the play area.








And then fun with the puppet theater!









But then it was time for everyone to go to bed. So teeth were brushed








And now for everyone to be tucked in!







Shhh!  They are fast asleep.  Goodnight!