Allard, Harry  Miss Nelson is Missing!

The kids of room 207 do not realize how good they’ve got it, until a vile substitute comes to replace their teacher.

Cowley, Joy  Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Beautiful, detailed, photographs of a rain-forest tree frog.

DePaola, Tomie  Meet the Barkers

Bossy Moffie and her quiet twin brother Morgie both enjoy starting school, especially getting gold stars and making new friends.

Galdone, Paul  The Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen teaches her friends that if you want to share the rewards, you must help with the work.

Heller, Ruth  Chickens aren’t the Only Ones

Beautiful illustrations showing that chickens aren’t the only ones that lay eggs.

Hoff, Syd  Danny and the Dinosaur

Danny’s new dinosaur causes some problems.

Keats, Ezra Jack  Pet Show!

The pet show is here and Archie can’t find his cat.

Kellogg, Steven  A Rose for Pinkerton

Great Dane, Pinkerton, gets a feline companion named Rose.

Lobel, Arnold  Frog and Toad are Friends (and other Frog and Toad stories)

Five tales recounting the adventures of two best friends - Frog and Toad.

Marshall, Edward  Three by the Sea

Three friends tell tales by the sea.

McDermott, Gerald  Coyote: A Trickster Tale from the American Southwest

Beautifully illustrated and simply-told folktale.

McPhail, David  Emma’s Pet

Emma’s soft, cuddly pet is her daddy.

Parish, Peggy  Amelia Bedelia (and other Amelia Bedelia stories)

Amelia always gets things mixed up!

Rylant, Cynthia  Henry and Mudge: the first book of their adventures (and other Henry and Mudge stories)

Henry and his big dog, Mudge, enjoy each other’s company through all the seasons.

Dr. Seuss  The Cat in the Hat

That zany cat is up to his usual tricks!

Shaw, Nancy  Sheep in a Jeep

A group of sheep out on a spree end up selling their jeep—cheap.

Stoeke, Janet Morgan  A Hat for Minerva Louise (and other Minerva Louise stories)

Minerva Louise is a chicken with her own way of looking at the world.

Wells, Rosemary  McDuff Moves In (and other McDuff stories)

McDuff, a little white Terrier, moves in and makes himself at home with a young couple.


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