August 3rd Take and Makes

Little Kids: (5 & under with adult help)

DIY Playdough! DIY Playdough Monster

Mix up a batch of your very own playdough. Can you use it to make a creature?


  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Cream of tartar
  • Decorations

Not Included:

  • Water, vegetable oil, food coloring (optional)



Watercolor FlowersWatercolor Flowers


  • Newspaper
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors (Please call 616.850.6916, if needed)


  1. First, use scissors to cut out a variety of wavy circles. Make sure to use different sizes to layer your flowers.
  2. Watercolor paint your newspaper cutouts.
  3. Let the newspaper cutouts dry.
  4. Once dry, gently crinkle the newspaper to give the flower petals texture and volume.
  5. Layer the newspaper petals to create a watercolor newspaper flower.
  6. Finally, line up your petals and poke your pipe cleaner through. Roll up the end of your pipe cleaner so that the petals will stay.



Call for a scheduled curbside pickup:  616.850.6916

Dream CatcherDream Catcher

What is a Dream Catcher?

Whenever the Ojibwe Nation migrated, their protector, Asibikaashi (Spider Woman), had a difficult time traveling to all of the people to keep them safe.  In order to keep  their babies safe from terrible bawedjigewin (dreams) when Asibikaashi couldn’t, mothers would create dream catcher webs made from willow hoops and sinew.

According to Ojibwe tradition, the circle shape represents the sky, and the seven or eight points of sinew connecting to the hoop represent the seven fires prophecy of the Ojibwe Nation and the eight legs of the spider, respectively. Traditionally, a feather would be placed in the center, and in modern times, four beads are often placed there representing each of the four sacred directions.  (Ojibwa by George Cornell)


  • 1 hoop
  • approx. 6 yards of artificial sinew

Optional:  Include beads or found items such as a feather.


  1. Using your LDL card, access Creativebug.
  2. Register, if you haven’t previously.
  3. Click here for Dream Catcher Video instruction.
  4. Follow the step-by-step video instructions. (Tip: Watch the video first, before you start.)
  5. Try only using 7 or 8 points of sinew connecting to the hoop.

Did you know the best place to hang your dream catcher is in your bedroom window?  Hanging it from your headboard is another good alternative.


July 27th Take and Makes

Little Kids: (5 & under with adult help)

Color Mixing Butterfly (All Claimed!)Color Mixing Butterfly

Do a color-mixing experiment with coffee filters and water. Then use the results to create a beautiful butterfly!


  • Coffee filters
  • Water dropper
  • Clothespin
  • Pipe cleaner

Not Included:

  • Washable markers (Don’t have markers? Please let staff know at 616.850.6916)


Catapult  (All Claimed!)Catapult


  • Craft Sticks (2)
  • Popsicle Sticks (8)
  • Rubber bands (5)
  • 1 pompom
  • 1 spoon


  1. Place one Popsicle stick on the table.
  2. Lay one of the craft sticks on top of the Popsicle stick.
  3. Stack seven more Popsicle sticks on top of the tongue depressor.
  4. Wrap a rubber band around each end of the Popsicle sticks.
  5. Place the second craft stick to the top of the other craft stick to form a triangle-like tweezers design.
  6. Wrap the third rubber band around the tips of the craft sticks to hold in place.
  7. Use the last two rubber bands to attach the handle of the spoon to the top end of the craft stick.
  8. Grab your pompom and place it on the spoon.
  9. Holding the tip of the craft sticks with one hand, use the other hand to push down with 1 or 2 fingers on the top of the spoon
  10. Let fly!

Who can catapult their pompoms the farthest?


When a pompom is put on the spoon and the spoon is pulled back, energy that is stored in the tongue depressor becomes tension energy. When released, the stored tension energy is transferred to kinetic energy in the pompom, and the pompom is propelled in the direction the catapult is facing.



 No Sew T-shirt Tote BagT-shirt Tote

What you’ll need:

  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Register for LDL’s Creativebug online craft video database with your Loutit District Library card.

In this week’s Teen Take and Make, there isn’t anything you need to take! Collect the items that you need and register for Creativebug. Watch this Creativebug Video and then create your own tote bag!




July 20th Take and Makes

Little Kids: (5 & under with adult help)

Suncatcher (All Claimed!)unnamed (1)


  • black paper
  • contact paper
  • assorted tissue paper




Kids and Teens:

Shrinky Dink Key Chains20200714_153027

Draw your own design, or trace an image onto the plastic, to create your own key chain!


  • Key chain
  • Small link loop
  • 1 shrink plastic with hole punched
  • 1 solid shrink plastic

Not Included:

  • Colored pencils or Permanent Markers (Don’t have colored pencils or permanent markers? Please let staff know at 850-6916)
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Oven
  • Oven mitt



July 13th Take and Makes

Little Kids: (5 & under with adult help)

Plant a seed! (ALL CLAIMED!)


Everything you need to plant and observe a seed of your own!


  • cups
  • soil
  • bean seeds
  • assorted foam stickers to decorate.




Get creative decorating your puzzle. The more colors you use, the trickier it will be to solve!  Once you have decorated your puzzle, give it to somebody else to try to solve!

Please let staff know at 616.850.6916 if you need crayons to decorate your puzzle.




Nailed It!  Candy Sushi edition.  (Still available!)Candy-Sushi-square-5

Call for a scheduled curbside pickup:  616.850.6916


  • 2 Rice Crispy treats
  • 1 Fruit by the Foot
  • 1 Baggy of misc. candy

Can you nail it with your own version of candy sushi? Be inspired by the picture or google what others have done.

Take a picture and send it to or message us on Loutit District Library’s Facebook page or LDLTeens on Instagram by July 20th.

We will share your fantastic or hilarious results!


July 6th Take and Makes


A binocular decorated with foam stickers and crayons.

A binocular decorated with foam stickers and crayons.

This kit will be available for you to pick up — without a scheduled Curbside appointment — in a bin located inside the parking garage, Monday-Friday 10am-5:30pm, while supplies last.

Decorate your own set of low-powered binoculars, so you can see call sorts of details in nature.

Included in each Take and Make bag are the binoculars and assorted foam stickers. Add color with your own crayons, colored pencils, or markers.





A completed Dragon Egg using the supplies provided.

A completed Dragon Egg using the supplies provided.

Call for a scheduled curbside pickup:  616.850.6916

Make your own Dragon Egg!

Supplies provided:

  • 1 Styrofoam egg,
  • 1 baggy of thumb tacks.

Optional supplies:

  • glue
  • piece of corrugated cardboard
  • finger nail polish


How to Make a Dragon Egg video  (unpainted thumb tacks)

DIY Guide to Dragon Eggs Step by step written instructions with photos. (Includes instructions on how to paint thumb tacks)