On Saturday, December 19th at 2 p.m. join us for some fun-filled activities, crafts, a door prize and more in Program Room A to celebrate Episode VII The Force Awakens! It is open to all ages but best for kids/teens ages 8+. Families are welcome and costumes encouraged!

The library has more than this program. We are a great source of books, movies and cartoons to satisfy your inner Jedi and re-experience the Star Wars universe.  We have books and movies for all ages such as Star Wars Rebels beginner readers and chapter books (companions to the current cartoon series) or the seasons of the Clone Wars cartoon.  Relive the classic Episodes (IV-VI) on DVD or Blu-ray.    We even, for teens or adults, have William Shakespeare’s Star Wars : verily, a new hope, Aftermath, and the Marvel graphic novel Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes.  

Keep an eye on our new book shelves for Episode VII movie tie-in novelizations, cross-sections, movie soundtrack and more.