Have an Overdue Book?

Overdue fines will accrue if an item is not returned by the due date. You’ll find this date listed on your checkout slip. Jot down the due date in your day planner or pin the checkout slip to your refrigerator as a reminder. Sign up for email notification and we’ll send you a reminder three days before your material is due. You can also sign up for text notification with Shoutbomb. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Text SIGNUP to 616.432.2161.
  2. Respond with your 13-digit library card number.
  3. Respond with your PIN.

That’s it! You’ll be signed up to get notices when items are due and when you have holds to pick up.

Questions? Call 616-850-6923 or email skeur@loutitlibrary.org.

Item Fee Checkout Overdue Fine Max. Fine
All books Free 21 days 15¢/day $4.95
Magazines Free 7 days 15¢/day $4.95
Audiobooks Free 21 days 15¢/day $4.95
Music CDs Free 21 days 15¢/day $4.95
Movies on DVD/Blu-ray Free 7 days 15¢/day $4.95
Instructional DVDs Free 7 days 15¢/day $4.95
Express Books Free 7 days 15¢/day $4.95
Book Club in a Bag Free 42 days $1/day $60

Fines and Billing Schedule

The fine per day for all materials is 15 cents with the exception of Book Club in a Bag materials, which are $1.00 per day. Keep in mind that fines accrue per item, so the fine total can add up quickly! When items are 5 days overdue, you will be notified by mail, or email if you have signed up for email notification, or text notification if you’ve signed up with Shoutbomb (see above). When items are 35 days overdue, you will be billed for the replacement cost of the item. Please note that if you accrue fines or replacement fees of $40.00 or more, your account will be sent to collections.

Payment Options

You can pay directly at the Checkout Desk with cash, credit card, or check. You can also pay online using a credit card by accessing My Account. All you need is your library card and PIN.

For assistance with fines or billing, call 616-850-6923 or email skeur@loutitlibrary.org.

Damaged or Lost Items

Accidents happen. Just bring in the damaged item or tell us about the lost book. If the item is damaged, it will be given to a librarian for review. Sometimes we can repair the damage without difficulty. If the item is damaged beyond repair or is lost, your account will be billed for the replacement cost of the item. Please note, if you find a lost item after paying for it, it is yours to keep. We do not offer refunds.

Damage that cannot be repaired includes, but is not limited to:

  • pet damage (chew marks, claw marks, etc.)
  • liquid damage (water, coffee, milk, etc.)
  • environmental damage (mold, mildew, warping/melting from excessive heat)
  • bodily fluid (urine, vomit, blood, etc.)
  • parts and/or pages missing
  • excessive permanent marking with pens, crayons, etc.
  • any damage that affects the safety, enjoyment, readability, or usability of the item for subsequent patrons

Library staff reserves the right to determine if an item falls under the description of an item that is damaged beyond repair.